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Lorenzo Marks
Latest book: Rubberbound in the Boondocks.
Published March 1, 2024.
Lorenzo Marks
Latest book: A Silent Understanding.
Published December 7, 2021.
Ashley Bennet
Latest book: Idealized Girl.
Published July 3, 2017.
Simon Grail
Latest book: A Dicey Adventure.
Published April 27, 2024.
Adriana Arden
Latest book: Irontown 3 - Awakenings.
Published July 4, 2022.
Victor Bruno
Latest book: Persuasion - Book 2.
Published April 21, 2020.
Violet Kirkwood
Latest book: Artemis: A Hucow Story.
Published September 14, 2021.
JG Leathers
Latest book: Doubly Milked Male.
Published May 25, 2022.
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Smashwords book reviews by Nick Morris

  • The Girlflesh Bazaar on Nov. 30, 2022

    Almost as good as Castle of the Subines. I would have loved to see a bit more of a struggle for the main character before the final surrender. Great read.
  • Kawaii! on Dec. 04, 2022

    Didn’t know such a short story could be so good :)
  • Who Wants to Rule the World? - Part 1 of an Erotic Mind Control Adventure on Dec. 20, 2022

    Good story. I would have enjoyed a bit more of a struggle for the two main characters, the villain was a bit overpowered.
  • Pet on Dec. 22, 2022

    I guess this product has an audience but it took me far too long to realise that audience wasn’t me. The story is mostly walking + dialogue + strange situations.
  • Today's Lucky Winner on Feb. 01, 2023

    Good, but I found Kawaii much better.
  • The Mentalist on March 07, 2024

    A masterpiece of non-con and mind control erotica. Probably the best book of the genre I've ever read.
  • Annabel and Mr. Nash Part Three The Conclusion on April 12, 2024

    By far the best of the three installments. Hope for more of the same in the future.