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Publication of your book is one of life's greatest moments ...

We are a niche Hong Kong publisher, with a small but highly motivated, and experienced staff. We make it our business to publish a author's story in print and digital media, marketing through those distribution networks who matter in the industry. We ensure your book is available in the catalogues of the world’s largest bookstores - online, in leading bookshops and at international book fairs. We source professional editors, readers and graphic artists from among the best in the field, using the latest in digital print techniques for each phase of publication. Our firm publishes largely fiction, thrillers, adult romance and selected books for teens and young adults. Occasionally non-porn erotica, YA, a children's picture book, non-fiction or a self-help book will take our eye. We do not read poetry or most short stories and not every manuscript is of the quality we demand for publication. 

We only accept email submissions broadly meeting our requirements.
Agents inquiries are always most welcome.  



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