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Alcheringa - When the first ancestors were created…
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 65,960. Language: Commonwealth English. Published: September 26, 2014 by CUSTOM BOOK PUBLICATIONS. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Paranormal, Fiction » Science fiction » Adventure
This is the story of fifty thousand people coming from the Pleiades in a starship to found the human race on Earth. It is not a simple story, but one filled with intrigue, deception, and the planned destruction of a mission that left ninety survivors upon the Earth. Their struggle and success in creating our race is the miracle they brought… It is our past and they are are our heritage.
The Haunts of Adelaide
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 27,310. Language: Australian English. Published: December 1, 2014 by CUSTOM BOOK PUBLICATIONS. Categories: Nonfiction » History » Australia & New Zealand
Allen Tiller lifts the veil on ghost stories and reveals the truth behind the myths and tales that so often become urban legend and local folklore. His mission is to research the historical facts of locations, people, places and buildings ‒ from a distinctly paranormal perspective. The Haunts of Adelaide was born…
Flight of Man - The EDEN SOLDIERS - Book One of a Trilogy
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 63,550. Language: Canadian English. Published: October 3, 2012 by CUSTOM BOOK PUBLICATIONS. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Epic, Fiction » Science fiction » Space opera
The sun, Sol, protected mankind for thousands of years and the solar system for millions before that. It was prophesied the Earth would end in 2191 and thirty five years later that prophecy would come true! The Flight of Man... to Mars. A tale of spirit, determination and the challenges of
Two Soulmates ... Walking Through Time and History
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 70,560. Language: Commonwealth English. Published: October 9, 2013 by CUSTOM BOOK PUBLICATIONS. Categories: Fiction » Historical » Paranormal, Nonfiction » Religion and Spirituality » Theosophy
Two Soulmates ... Walking Through Time and History ... is a chronicle of events and experiences both spiritual and physical. Over the last thirty or so years, it has bonded our minds, bodies and souls to an astonishingly profound degree.
Sleeping with Angels
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 94,860. Language: Commonwealth English. Published: December 9, 2014 by CUSTOM BOOK PUBLICATIONS. Categories: Fiction » Thriller & suspense » Crime thriller, Fiction » Thriller & suspense » Courtroom
Murder, evil and injustice… Pink tape, the type used by solicitors to tie up their briefs to barristers, was twisted several times around his neck, the ends draped untidily over the bench… Sleeping with Angels is compelling, challenging …
The Climate Change Murders
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 88,750. Language: English. Published: April 21, 2015 by CUSTOM BOOK PUBLICATIONS. Categories: Fiction » Mystery & detective » Women Sleuths
Skyla Merrick is always in some kind of trouble …  In disgrace and suspended, the Cornish-born detective witnesses the first of the bizarre deaths while visiting Arthurs Bay, a coastal fishing village with bigger ideas. When Skyla and local police officer Hugh Fitzpatrick bring their work together, she sees the solution. But can she catch the killer?
The Trials of Nian Gao
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 54,970. Language: British English. Published: October 2, 2012 by CUSTOM BOOK PUBLICATIONS. Categories: Fiction » Cultural & ethnic themes » Cultural interest, general, Fiction » Fantasy » Contemporary
A tale of resistance, and escape... The Author delves into the depths of the human mind,creating an incredible journey into the future. When Nian is imprisoned, part of his sentence is the excision of part of his brain. Released back into the Empire, his mind is not the same, it works differently...
The Spider Lady's Lunch
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 55,670. Language: English. Published: March 19, 2013 by CUSTOM BOOK PUBLICATIONS. Categories: Fiction » Erotica » General
ALONG CAME THE SPIDER AND SAT DOWN BESIDE HIM … The boys commented on the new maths teacher. ‘It’s like she’s catching flies… Miss Ryder the Spider.’ '… wants someone inside her,’ another added. 'Now I think of it, some female spiders eat the male after they mate.' 'A lay before lunch!’ ALL ABOUT THE SEXY, SENSUAL TEENAGE URGE TO MATE
Zara's Power
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 10,640. Language: Commonwealth English. Published: December 9, 2014 by CUSTOM BOOK PUBLICATIONS. Categories: Fiction » Inspirational, Fiction » Science fiction » Adventure
Zara’s Power A unique and riveting story delivering a new power with unimaginable consequences. This story is a fast-paced, zany and insightful blend of action and science fiction with spiritual themes. Compelling, and utterly enjoyable!
Entrapment... and the Magic Ring!
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 35,880. Language: English. Published: April 21, 2015 by CUSTOM BOOK PUBLICATIONS. Categories: Fiction » Children’s books » Law & Crime
Billy’s grandmother moves to an Retirement Home for the elderly up in the hills. While cleaning her bush cottage for a tenant, Billy finds a ring among the rubbish. She slides it on her finger, quickly discovering she can talk and understand birds and animals, especially bossy ones like her grandmother’s Siamese cat… Life will never be the same again...
Just & Equitable
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 84,270. Language: Australian English. Published: February 6, 2013 by CUSTOM BOOK PUBLICATIONS. Categories: Fiction » Humor & comedy » General
Published by CUSTOM BOOK PUBLICATIONS Taking two steps at a time Fozzy hummed to himself, pushing the bedroom door open with his left elbow before stopping dead in his tracks. He could not believe his eyes. A story of lust and love, infidelity and divorce… and the enigma called family law. Required reading for anyone stupid enough to engage a lawyer or solicitor and expect to win!
The Greying
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 33,570. Language: English. Published: March 30, 2014 by CUSTOM BOOK PUBLICATIONS. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Short stories, Fiction » Fantasy » Paranormal
LANDLAND CRIES OUT FOR A SAVIOUR…   Upon the death of her mother, Meah is pulled across the boundary that separates this world and another time and place where the dog-like Firbog have brought the mists of the greying. Battling lurking homunculi and the horrors of the many-headed-winged-thing, they set out to recover the only thing that will save Landland …her mother's Book-of-Colours!
The Politics of Murder
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 63,100. Language: Australian English. Published: September 26, 2014 by CUSTOM BOOK PUBLICATIONS. Categories: Fiction » Mystery & detective » Police Procedural, Fiction » Thriller & suspense » Crime thriller
Dan Brennan and Mac McLean are back again in this exciting yet challenging thriller of thrillers. Instead of a simple case of murder, the two detectives find themselves embroiled in a conspiracy that extends up the line of command to the very top. When an assassination team is sent to execute them, it can only mean one thing… the Prime Minister himself has betrayed them.
Counsel's Objection
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 67,600. Language: Commonwealth English. Published: December 9, 2014 by CUSTOM BOOK PUBLICATIONS. Categories: Fiction » Thriller & suspense » Psychological thriller, Fiction » Romance » Contemporary
Of course she can survive without him … or can she? Sarah injected authority into her voice as she told the Judge why her case was superior, and she should win. But it would be to no avail. Of all the barristers to oppose her, only Markus could leave her with every ounce of confidence gone… and every single nerve end tingling. She could not fall in love again…
The Landline Chronicles Book Two: The Thinking
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 28,730. Language: English. Published: April 21, 2015 by CUSTOM BOOK PUBLICATIONS. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Paranormal
LANDLAND BECOMES ITS OWN SAVIOUR… The Greying snakes across Bigriver towards Landland… all the lands are in turmoil. Meah combines her power of thinking with the magical Book of Colours, and joins the Bigriverland army. Chaos reigns supreme, Landland writes its own story… but the story is all wrong. Meah looks for a way to escape. Will she find her father again? Can they win their way home?
Days of Fear
Price: $5.99 USD. Words: 80,540. Language: Commonwealth English. Published: September 26, 2014 by CUSTOM BOOK PUBLICATIONS. Categories: Nonfiction » Biography » Military biography, Nonfiction » Politics and Current Affairs » Terrorism
A true story of horror, bloodshed and courage… The Irish Republican Army, supported by many Catholic priests, became involved in murderous attacks and bombings. The Troubles in Northern Ireland exploded into outright armed rebellion. In 1970, Britain's MI6 thrust into the bloody fray a young former commando, the ideologue Maurice Tansey. his true story ....


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