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I am a young French Australian woman and my name is Amelie. I am an attractive single girl and love sex. I was born in France, a few kilometres outside Paris, and my parents came to Australia when I was very young. I don’t speak much French because when I started school, soon after arriving here, I had to learn to speak English, or rather Australia!

I have worked at a number of casual jobs since leaving school but have been very fortunate to have a job in the household of a Lord and Lady. I can’t say who they are but they are the best thing that has ever happened to me.

My main job is to look after Her Ladyship. She is lovely and treats me well. I also do things for His Lordship whom I adore. My relationship with the Lord and Lady is very special and personal and I leave you to work out what that may involve!

I have been reading erotic fiction for quite a log time and have spoken to my Lord and Lady about what I read. They are very sensual people and have encouraged my to write some stories and try to publish them. My first story which is about me is almost ready.

I would love to hear from anyone who sees my profile and reads any of my writing. I am new to this so please be gentle. Sexually I am very much a submissive but that does not mean I don’t have feelings. I can also give a good spanking when necessary – or desirable.

Please review my stories as they appear and email if you want to know anything more. I do not reply to abusive material but I promise to reply to everything else.

Love and kisses

ps. I love to send and receive sexy emails - from guys and girls

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  • Les Femmes de Chambre on March 05, 2012

    A Great story - and I LOVE the French! Well done Chantale, you had me wet from start to finish. I must read more of your work, love Amelie