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  • Red on Sep. 09, 2011

    A long, long time ago, in a ...wait that's not right. I know the first bit was correct though. A while ago an author on Goodreads offered up her first novella as an intro into her world. I'm not sure what exactly made me accept this one but I'm sure glad I did. She threw me into the Mirus world of shadow walkers, elemental, wares, draykn, and many, many other beings. But oh was it exciting. Two more novellas later I'm ever so glad I've stuck with it. Why I am telling you this is? Because this is the first attempt of Kait Nolan's outside of that world and I need to say that while of course I was a fan of her previous work now I was timidly curious to try something different this time around. I get it. You can't always go with your main bread and butter, sometimes a new dish needs to be served up. I enjoyed starting off with a different kind of werewolf than accustomed to. I won't slow you down with all the nitty gritty but you'll understand when you start reading it. Nolan has a way with cutting out all the extra crap that just gets you lost while reading and cuts right to the heart of things. It's all a matter of pacing and she's got this one like it's the blood flowing right through your circulatory system. Perfectly on course, moving exactly as needed the entire time. There were so many parts of Red where I was not just laughing but realizing her characters are living and breathing wondering how they're going to (re)act or how in their actions a moment was going to play out. Even the epilogue didn't make me cringe - I was all over those last few lines of text dying for more. I really have high hopes for Nolan she's got my full attention with every one of her releases. I'm looking forward to whatever she's got cooking for next time. I'm not even going to hope for anything specific (I'm usually wrong in guessing and she keeps on surprising me) whatever she fancies I'll be reading.