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  • The Postnatal Survival Guide on Nov. 29, 2012

    This book provides a practical companion that can be read in bite-sized chunks as it guides the reader through the many different aspects of PND and how to address the feelings and symptoms. It looks at the different facets of taking care of your baby and it provides suggestions for practical ways of getting help - and (quite importantly) helping yourself. It acknowledges the feelings of inadequacy, imbalance, and sometimes craziness that many women experience after giving birth, and it helps the reader get a handle on the idea that survival during this time is more about finding a range of things (rather than one magic bullet) that can help mothers take steps towards feeling better. The book addresses sleep deprivation, feeding issues, medication, talking therapy, exercise, relationship with your spouse, relationships with friends, working, activities to do with your baby, and lots more. The tone is light (sometimes funny) and clearly not judgmental. There are all kinds of stories from mothers who have been through the ringer (as has Cat Dean, the author) and the book is very informative about different aspects of the spectrum of PND. Cat Dean makes it clear throughout the book that every mother is affected in different ways but she stresses the value of talking to other mothers and professionals about anxieties and experiences as you try to get help and treatment. I highly recommend this book to anyone who suspects they might need help or might want to know more about this life-changing condition. I wish I had had a copy of this in my first year of motherhood!