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My name is Steve George and I'm currently experiencing the many pleasures of middle age :-)

Being a West Ham United FC supporter, I've had many years of experiencing life's ups and downs and there have been times when my own version of depresion has set in. On a brighter note, I'm the proud father of four fantastic children, who between them have given me and my wife, 15 outstanding Grandchildren, so all-in-all, life's good :-)

I love reading Sci-Fi novels, my favourite food has to be Pizza and if I'm not doing either of those things, I'll probably be riding my motorcycle!

I qualified as a Hypnotherapist, Psycho-analyst and NLP practitioner over twenty years ago. Since then I’ve studied for my Ph.D in Clinical Hypnosis and qualified as a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy practitioner. Rather than enter into private practice, I’ve spent much of the last couple of decades trying to decipher how some people lack success in their lives, even when they were born into a way of life with infinite possibilities and yet others, who seem to have every disadvantage can achieve great success even when faced with the greatest obstacles.

There was a time, not so many years ago when I would tell everyone that I really enjoyed my own company, and that I relished the opportunity to spend time alone, while my peers went out socialising and had fun. All the time wishing I had the confidence to join them. My self-confidence and self-esteem was so low, that I wouldn’t even sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to my children in our own home, for fear of being judged!

Well, after years of study, reading hundreds of self-help books, attending seminars, and purchasing ‘lots‘ of self help audio courses (some better than others!! ), I’ve come out the other side a better, stronger and more self-confident person.

In my own mind, I knew that my views, were as important as anyone else’s. I knew that they were right for me. The anxiety came not from doubting myself, but from worrying that my views were not right for other people.

Once I’d identified the problem, I set about trying to find the answers.

Now, years later, I currently run two companies, often give talks to a room full of people, I worked as a College lecturer for 7 years and have also run more than a hundred training courses for people much higher up the food chain than me!

Over the last few years, as well as my focus on helping people build their Self-confidence, and self-esteem, I've qualified as a certified Child Psychologist. My intention now, is to put my years of experience with adults, to simiar use with chldren and teenagers.

I look forward to helping you be a success.

Smashwords Interview

Why did you initially decide to write a book?
As soon as I completed my original diploma course in Hypnotherapy I knew that I had to tell as many people as possible about how excited I was about my new found knowledge. I spent weeks afterwards talking with neighbours and everyone that would listen to me at the company I worked for. Many of the people I spoke to were either interested, or intrigued about hypnotherapy and over the next few months it dawned on me that the best way to get the message out was to write a short book, that people could use to experience the power of hypnosis for themselves.
What is your writing process?
I don't really think I have a writing process as such. I hear from a lot of people, each with their own problems and issues that they'd like to resolve. There are obviously categories of issues that appear again and again and I use these issues as prompts. The books I write tend to be written as short, self development courses, or self-administered work books. I like my publications to be practical as well as informative, so I try wherever possible to decide on a final outcome for the reader, then write in a way that leads the reader through the steps necessary to meet that goal.
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Simple Steps to Supreme Self Confidence
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