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  • Armchair Detective on June 29, 2012
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    you get something different out of each book you read. This one was an interesting story, and the character development was phenomenal, but the thing that i found myself saying at the end of the book was: "wow, she's a really talented author." This book shows a really well rounded project. storyline, characters, the dry cynical humor that i love, depth, emotional manipulation, literary prose here and there... but mainly, none of it seemed forced. You could tell that this author could just start typing, go into a zone and spit out a book or a speech or a poem or a recipe that would pull you in and have your full attention. Very fluid and a total pleasure. The editing (if she even needed it) was flawless as well. The story itself was fun and you get your fill of action, hot romance, and wit, all rolled up nicely. A splendid balance of a book that will have you laughing one minute, and the next deep in thought about the psyche of our characters and an empathy of their emotional baggage. I've already downloaded several other bits of the author's work, and she is one deep chick with an amazing ability to put the deepest truths of life into words. so many of the other 'popular' lesfic authors have NOTHING on her.
  • Also Known As DNA (AKA Investigations Series, Book 2) on June 29, 2012
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    This book was even more gripping than the first! I feel like i've known the characters for a long time and hated to come to the end of the book. This is the first time in reading a book, that i purposely took breaks from the reading to digest all that had happened before continuing on. It was just one shocker after another and amazingly engaging. Izzy's character was so well done that it seemed like i knew her better than the other protagonists. Absolutely LOVE her! Like the first book, you will experience a wide range of emotions while reading this. It's intelligent, hot, and witty and will have you laughing with the characters, angry, sad, and in love right along with them. I am still amazed at this author's ability to break the mold of the predictable lesfic genre. She is in my top two of all times and you are missing a gem by not catching up on her work. definitely read this book, and read Armchair Detective first. Both are well worth the time and money and better than most of the other books of this genre.