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Smashwords book reviews by Cynthia

  • Edge of Shadows (Shadows #1) on Oct. 19, 2012

    I was pleasantly surprised by Edge of Shadows. It held my attention easily, which is really saying something (I swear sometimes it feels like I have A.D.D.). The opening chapter starts out strong with Ellie packing up to leave her husband Jake. It's obvious he has an explosive temper when he pushes her and causes her to gash her head open. He's got a drinking problem, but it becomes clear that the drinking is a result of far deeper problems. During most of the book I was trying to unravel the mysteries that plagued Ellie, Jake, and even this mysterious “Linda” that is introduced. It's evident there is something going on with this lady but you can't quite put your finger on it. When I started this book, I did realize it was part of a series, so I expected the ending to be somewhat open, and expected it to leave me with questions. I got exactly what I expected. I have a lot of questions left to be answered with the ending of this book. As a matter of fact, I had one of those “Oh, WTF did she do!?” moments. All in all, Edge of Shadows was a pretty good read. I will be purchasing the next book, Shadows Deep, in hopes of getting some of those answers I was left with at the end of this book. *I got this ebook through the LibraryThing Member Giveaway program in exchange for a honest review. *Book Hollow*