Cynthia Robbins


Cynthia Robbins was born in Salem, Oregon and raised on a local farm. She attended Silverton High School and moved onto college earning her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Western Oregon University. Cynthia professionally works with youth offenders, teaching life skills and critical thinking for more then twelve years.

Cynthia loves to express herself artistically and recently found that writing a book is an art form by placing the right words together to form sentences, paragraphs, and chapters to paint a picture for others to view her mystical visions. The Light Warrior is her first novel, opening a new medium as she continues to write both books and screenplays.

Cynthia is passionate about metaphysical concepts and trying to unbend her mind. The last fourteen years involved devout study in such subjects as quantum physics, sacred geometry, cosmology, the 2012 phenomenon and human origins. Cynthia strives to inspire others to find inner greatness to light their own candle in the world.

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