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  • Star Wars: Split Horizons on Oct. 05, 2012

    What a book! Action, intrigue, drama, suspense, romance, and so much more! Action: As the Clone Wars continues, Jedi Knights and the Republic Army rage war against a rebellion that is much stronger than anticipated. People are being promoted to high status due to the cause of this war- people who may not necessarily be ready for such responsibility. Intrigue: As our heroes continue to discover answers during this war, a dozen more questions appear. Alliances, deception, friendships, enemies, where does it start, and where does it end? Can these questions all possibly be answered in time? Drama: The War is not just in the outer rim, it is also raging back in the politics of Coruscant, and even within the minds and souls of the characters. Suspense: With each twist and turn, new excitements and ideas are presented. New planets explored, new character development never explored previously. I'd caution the reader to be open-minded about the characters. They may not behave exactly as one may remember from the movies, but usually, the changes are for the better. Jango Fett's character comes to mind immidiately. You'll know what I mean. Romance: One of the greatest love triangles in the history of the Star Wars universe. Many times better -and much less awkward- than the Han/Luke/Leia triangle everybody assumed was happening. Emotions turn from frivolous crushes in "Awakening" to full-blown affections in "Split Horizons". And the way the triangle is finally resolved will leave your jaw hanging open and your heart in the pit of your stomach. You don't wan to miss it! In all, "Split Horizons" is a fantastic follow-up to "Awakening". Great characters, well-described environments and fight scenes, politics, love, and lightsabers! I thoroughly enjoyed it and sincerely hope a third novel will be released... This feels like it could just be the beginning!