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  • The Mating: The Original Law of the Lycans Story on April 02, 2010
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    I thought this book was very, very, VERY good! I could not stop until I reached the end. Really, very nice job! I love the way you write, and the way you describe things: very nice details. You might want to look it over for a few typos here and there though. There's also one thing you might want to consider. Throughout the book, you read from Elise's point of view, and it's very nice. Near the end, you suddenly see a chapter from Kane's point of view, and while I agree that it was necessary and very powerful in bringing out their emotions, I feel that was a sudden break in regularity. Maybe you can work in a few more chapters from Kane's point of view? That was just something I didn't feel entirely comfortable with. But it's just a suggestion. Once again, this was a really nice story, and I love the emotions that you brought into this work. Kane and Elise are a great pair, and I feel that you write very well. Great job and thanks for sharing!! =D