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Windows II
The Imagians warn that the brotherhood is taking over and trying to remove all elements of good. efan see his father traveling cross the see and sees that he is handed over to the Military put a hood over his head.

CH051 1
Imagians warn him about brotherhood and want to take him to Imagian Leader
Iefan is taken to an oasis where the Khalilites have set up camp. There the commander warns Iefan about the Theorianic Brotherhood and explains about how they tried to kidnap him to meet the leader of the Imagians. At the end he is left with a choice. Does he want to follow the Theorianic Brotherhood or does he go and join the Imagians.

CH052 1
Iefan is saved and Imagians made sacrifice
The Theorians decide to attack the Khalilites on the auspices of night. Or risk them telling more troops to get them. At the same time, Prince Iefan is left to fight the last khalilites and is forced to make his first kill or be killed. He is then initiated into the order and drinks the blood of his enemies. Iefan wont do it so Barinhard does. Reason is Iefan first kill is King Kembi

5 CH064 1 Iefan enters into Unathi
Iefan go to embassy and is insulted by Dresdan, warn him about Kembi
Iefan enters into the capitol and is greeted by Gunju. They are then taken to the consulate where he is insulted by Dresdan, since he thinks he will ruin their plans. Iefan then takes him to the ground and threatens his life if he insults him again. Barinhard reminds him that his father is not dead and that it was all a dream

CH065 1
Iefan meets King Kembi at his palace celebration
Iefan goes to a banquet and meets the king. The king explains how he knew his father growing up and glad to see him rather than his uncle. Later Iefan is introduced to Rassa, leader of the Uni. Iefan than takes of with Gunju, and he warns of a possible rebeliion and the need for an allegiance. While at the same time warning him about Rassa's Uni and the Theorianic Brotherhood.

CH066 1
Iefan meets with Gunju who again warns him about the brotherhood and their intentions
Iefan than takes of with Gunju, and he warns of a possible rebeliion and the need for an allegiance. While at the same time warning him about Rassa's Uni and the Theorianic Brotherhood. Discuss Allessandra.

6 CH078 1
Iefan unsuccessfully tries to forge an alliance with King Kembi
Iefan meets with Rassa
Rassa explains Kembi and how he is letting their nation crumble. Warning him that Kembi will not make an allegiance with the Theoria because is based in old ways not new (covenant). He warns Iefan that if Kembi does not take action it is only a matter of time before the kindgom is overthrown and replaced by someone who will.

CH079 1 Kembi and Gunju meet
Kembi and Gunju discusses best approach to save the kingdom from the brotherhood, and Gunju explains that Iefan can be trusted like his father, and that they need to remain in his good graces. At the same time they discuss the only sure way to keep them at bay was the need to remove Dresdan and Rassa, and have Iefan replace the brotherhood to keep the evil at bay for the time being until the Imagians were strong enough to rally enough supporters to protect kingdom from Khalil and Sachapuya and from the brotherhood within.

CH080 1 Iefan meets with Kembi
Iefan and his team meet with Kembi and his advisers to have a dimplomatic discussion about how to stop the Khalilites and possible Rebellion. Iefan explains that his father is seeking to create an army autonomous to any nation to fight without influence. This seen as a way to remove Nico's power. At the same time, Kembi sees it as a way to unite the brotherhoods who wood take over in secret. But he questions is it just an army they want or the nations, figuring that Dresdan has been pandering to Rassa for sometime.

7 CH089 1
Death of Kembi and rise of Iefan to power
Iefan is invited to meet Kembi and pampers him with women and massages.
Kembi invites him over for a private party of women and drugs. His goal is to pamper him just enough so that he can set him up for death in the next chapter. When he is all relaxed the two sit back and enjoy a conversation as Kembi allures to kill him.

CH090 1 Iefan kills Kembi
King Kembi attempts to assassinate Prince Iefan but he is interupted by Rassa, Dresdan and Barinhard. He is then forced to pledge loyalty to divine spirit before he kills him. Iefan kills Dresdan and takes over control just as his Uncle had planned. He kills because he his father being killed.

CH091 1 Rassa made king
Rassa is raised to king of Unathi. Last scene is of Gunju covering his face as exiting capital along with an Exodus of Imagians.

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