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I live in the United States with my husband Mike, two sons and one daughter. Someday, I would love to have the time to write, but for now, Mike and I enjoy reading the many styles of those who have faced the challenge, and have had the courage to post their work for others to enjoy.


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Smashwords book reviews by Dana Page

  • Call Me Strega on Jan. 03, 2012

    This was a wonderful short story. Thank you. I look forward to reading more of your work.
  • Green on Jan. 03, 2012

    Enjoyed these!
  • Was it real or was it a Dream? on Jan. 03, 2012

    I found this to be a very enjoyable story. Thank you!
  • Amanda Ackers and The Deep Forest Elves on Nov. 30, 2012

    OMG! I Love this book! My husband does too! Our four children ages 6 – 14 like it better than Harry Potter... and that was their favorite until this book. My husband and I had to laugh at the review with only two stars. Needs an edit? No... it was written that way for a reason. Too much detail? No... the detail is in there for a very good reason also, which you find out in book two which I just finished reading to my children. Wow, and I thought this book one was great! Amanda is wonderful and has so many adventures in book one beginning in chapter one, "Terror In The Forest" that you wonder how she could possibly survive. That is explained later in book two also. The person who gave this book two stars obviously missed the fact that this is a series, and that things happen for a reason. Please, if you or your family liked the Harry Potter series, or the Lord of The Rings... read this book... all the way through... then decide for yourself. Book two answers a lot of question you will have in book one. Brilliant! Brilliant writing! can't wait for book three!!!
  • Amanda Ackers and The Thirteen Shards Of Legend on Aug. 11, 2014

    All I can say is that this is the best series I and my family has ever read. Period! I loved the first two books, but this third one blew me away. I was not expecting that kind of ending to this book. Can’t wait to see how book four begins.