Dana Tebow and Mary Lime


Dana Tebow is no stranger to diets so writing a book that is specific to diabetes is nothing strange for her. She saw the need to write this book as she noticed the number of persons in her family and community that were being diagnosed with various forms of diabetes. This was of great concern to her as she was familiar with losing loved ones due to their health issues.

She made the decision to get a cook book out that would help everyone not just diabetics to eat much healthier and reduce the chances of early mortality. The great thing is that she is aware that one of the major problems that people have is the lack of time to prepare a wholesome meal as they are always on the go. She solved that by putting together some recipes that are quick to prepare.

The meals are also very tasty. The only thing missing from them is the unnecessary sugars, carbohydrates and fats that can make the problem worse. Dana goes a step further by providing some quick tips as well on the disease. Through her books Dana's aim is to educate and make individuals healthy one person at a time.

Mary Lime is all too familiar with the process of careful selection of what she eats as she is gluten intolerant like other members in her household. As such the transition had to be made by all to a diet free from gluten to keep the possibility of cross contamination at zero.

She has done her research over the years and had put together a rough manual as a guide for herself and her family on things to do and what foods to purchase etc when her husband suggested that she put it in print for others that share the same fate.

After careful consideration she chose to do so as she was more than fully aware of the challenges an individual in her situation might face especially when it came down to shopping for foodstuff every week. Her books isn't overwhelming by any means and provides a wealth of information that any celiac/gluten intolerant individual would find extremely useful.

The transition is not as hard as many may feel as the menu options are just as filling and may even be tastier in some instances than what they used to consume beforehand. In the long run Mary has presented a much healthier and safer way to eat.


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