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One of the more interesting things about going to live abroad isn't the weird and wonderful culture you go to live in, but the weird and wonderful ways you react to that culture. After all, you probably went online or watched The Discovery Channel and found out the customs, habits, language and food, about your destination. Still none of those sources really prepare you for living in that place on a daily basis, or how you it will change you as a person now you are the ethnic minority. Thus, amongst other things (and it really is amongst other things as you can't describe the process of being an ethnic minority without also covering the culture), The Betelnut Equation is a warts and all look at the the ways mostly young Westerners cope when suddenly the normal rules of where they fit in don't apply.
This is not a guidebook in any of the normal senses. It is not a factual account of where to go; nor is it just a running commentary on how I feel when running into various colorful circumstances, it has more in common with a novel; attempting to leave you with a deep understanding of a place through the lives of certain characters and the issues that affect their lives.
I was inspired to write this by a younger who friend told me he learned more about dealing with Taiwanese from the stories of the Taiwan old hands than any guidebook. After hearing a story or discussing a situation with me, he would say how relieved or glad he was to know that he wasn't alone with some feeling he was having; that he could now deal with it better because he knew it wasn't just him. That proved as inspiration for this book: insights, reflections and observations on life for a foreigner in Taiwan through a number of short stories, articles and tales, almost all based on real events.
I won't lie. Some of this content is already available as a blog with the name above. The blog has a loyal readership; won several best blog awards and is a recommended top blog from Expat Focus and Go! Overseas. In short, many people agree with my friend and view the content as invaluable inside knowledge to smooth their stay in Taiwan – or just great entertainment.
For kindle I have reformatted, reorganized, rewritten and added content. Ideas and understanding of the situation are continually evolving and improving so I have gone back and reviewed all my posts so points are made clearer and quicker - and connections that I previously hadn't noticed are drawn.
My passion and mission was to deliver some real and extremely relevant insight into the culture of Taiwan in an entertaining style. Hopefully, arm anyone coming with knowledge I didn't have. I look forward to hearing whether I have achieved that aim – And will of course work hard to answer any of your questions.

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