Daneel Ludick

Smashwords book reviews by Daneel Ludick

  • Playing By The Rules on May 10, 2014

    A great book. Enjoyed it so much, could not put it down.
  • Breathing For The First Time on June 27, 2014

    As always an amazing read. I wanted to skip to the end but was sad when I was done. Keeep it up Mary, you are atruly talented writer.
  • In Front Of Me on June 27, 2014

    Oh, I loved this. You will not want to put this book down!!
  • Learning To Love on June 27, 2014

    As always this book was so believable that I was heart sore. Keep it coming Mary. I love your books.
  • Finding Home on June 27, 2014

    Awesome book. Love and romance told in such a beautiful way.
  • Wait For It on June 27, 2014

    Such an awesome book. Mary, I just love your stories
  • Work For It on June 27, 2014

    This book is so beautiful it made my heart ache. And it reminded me that even in real life, you should cherish the ones you love.
  • Fight For It on June 27, 2014

    If the book was written by Mary E Thompson, you can count on it that you will definitely love the book. I think I'm addicted.
  • Stormy Love (Complete version of My Despicable Ex Parts 1 & 2) on June 27, 2014

    A very good read with amazing descriptions off all over the world. I loved that my country and boerewors was one of these wonderful destinations.
  • Stuck On The Sidelines on Nov. 16, 2014

    What a great read. Bought it today, had to finish it today nevermind sleeping and work tomorrow. So glad there will be a next one in the series. Can be read as a standalone or great as part of the Paradise park series for continuity.