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Smashwords book reviews by peter smilovits

  • The Dividend Investor's Guide on Jan. 22, 2012
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    very difficult to follow, I lost the book I paid I paid for, no one to talk to, no one to call the program is like talking to a dumb commuter it is a very poor program difficult to follow I don't recommend it and I will never do it again. Dr. Peter Smilovits
  • The Dividend Investor's Guide on Oct. 12, 2012
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    A RETRACTION OF A NEGATIVE COMMENT ABOUT DR. NORMAN ROBERT'S E BOOK. I guess I am old school, and I cannot seem to adjust to this "virtual world" where communication is on a keyboard, and via Email. The personal touch, the conversation is gone. A book that one can feel, touch, and read is really my cup of tea, and it appears to be disappearing. I suppose that ther are many who whould call me a dinosaur. I purchased the E book from a company called Smasswords. I could not download it. So I tried calling someone at the company called Smasswords to help me through the process. There was NO ONE THERE. There was no one to talk to and obtain some help. Immagine my frustration because I was very anxious to read the book. My frustration turned to anger, so I attempted to appeal for help to the company via the comments venue. It appears that I made hugh error here as well. I apologize to Dr. Roberts, for I do not have any negative comments about his book. In fact I could not figure out how to down load the book, I did not read it, so I cannot make any comment about this book at all. I was venting out at THE SYSTEM, as I sat in my office staring at a commputer screen I do not understand. I have total certainty Norman Robert's book is a fine treatise on investing. Since I did not read it, because I cannot figure out how to download it, I repeat it would not be right to make any comments on the work. As stated it was my ignorance of the process that I was trying to adress. PLEASE ACCEPT MY APOLOGY TO ALL, ESPECIALLY DR. NORMAN ROBERTS FOR I REGRETT ANY MISINTERPRETATION OF MY COMMENTS. Dr. Peter Smilovits