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In January 2022, I was living in deep fear, when I began praying subconscious terms in my prayers. I PLEADED for answers and guidance, as to why this world is in such lawlessness and perversion; the subconscious terms that I uttered were [Heavenly Father], [Almighty Creator], [Creator of the Universe], and [Father Almighty]. Eventually, as I continued searching for truth on the internet, I came across a website that I did not fully understand, at first. It took a few days, as my spirit kept me going back to the website to research and discover that the website was essentially the answer to my prayers. Father Almighty guided me back to His Truths, and I hope you are able to research and discover Fathers Truths, become an anointed one of the Spirit of Yah {Christ}, I hope/pray that YOU may seek deep personal relationship with Father Yah (as humans were created to do), and that YOU may go all out and earn a High Throne in the Heavens, next to Yahooshua and the Almighty Creator, lasting for Eternity.
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The Almighty Creator (Heavenly Father) desires DEEP PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP with YOU!
The entire purpose of humans' existence is to seek deep personal relationship with the Almighty Creator, in order to earn Ranks in the Heavens, in the next life (spirit realm) lasting for Eternity. The opposition is the Satanic/demonic spirit realm that has been trying to get all humans to fall away/not acknowledge Father's Existence, along with His true essential name, Yah, or full name, Yah the Eternally Self-Existing -- You may research and discover Father's Truths at www.etimin.org


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