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I live in Oklahoma with my Wife, Krista and our two wonderful daughters.

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Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in two different places. My first seven years was in Erie, Pennsylvania. When my mom and dad retired to Florida in 1976, I was their youngest child, so I naturally went with them. I finished my childhood in Lake Tropicana, near Dunnellon, Florida. Going from a city kid to a country guy gave me some unique contrasts between the different lifestyles. A good part of that has crossed over into my fiction in various ways.
When did you first start writing?
My first year of middle school, in the early 1980's. Even in 6th grade, I was itching to pen stories. I told many an adventure to those who would listen, because I enjoyed their reaction, their desire to know what's going to happen next. My mother couldn't get over how much notebook paper I was going through in the 6th grade, until she found out that it wasn't for school work. She didn't get mad, but was impressed with my diligence.
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  • Fair Price on Jan. 23, 2011

    Nice reveal towards the end there, something different that kept my attention from the beginning to the end. If you decide to take this further, let us know.
  • Suitcase Tales on April 04, 2011

    A charming set of short stories, snips of real life written down through keen observation and put to page in an entertaining way. Thank you for the free read, Val. It's nice to see that you didn't forget your original dream, seeing them linked from today to way back when offers a keen insight to the woman that you are. Well done.
  • Buggins' Turn on Sep. 26, 2014

    Buggins. The name alone is as quirky, humorous and downright terrifying-to-the-funny-bone as this well-written screenplay easily suggests. The opening scenes not only gave me a solid glimpse into the ramshackle life of the main character, but also got me laughing, quite literally, way out loud. The leading woman in Buggins' life is also as provocative in her own charming, electric way. Celia is a formidable force who is the glue that keeps Buggins together through both crisis and victory. Every character has their own place, their own quirks, their own agenda, and it's a form of chaos that lends credibility to the order of things that happen to Buggins from the very moment he encounters each person, friend or foe. I can't stress it enough; this is a read you won't want to pass up on. Everything that hides in the shadows of our own daily lives gets pounded with the humor bat, and not lightly. If I was a billionaire with the influence to get the ball rolling in Hollywood, I would produce this for the big screen and rake in the results. So I have to be content with one of the biggest smiles on my face at the end of this story, because it ends as it should. I'm not telling you details about that for a reason. Read it for yourself, but be warned, make sure you're not in a situation where you wake up your household from noisy fits of laughing. Well done, Mr. Jute. Coming from an old Thespian who has done his own fair share of comedy on the stage in days long gone, that means something. If you write another screenplay, I'll be one of the first to pick it up.