Daniel Scott


Daniel now lives in the City of Gardens, beautiful Victoria, BC. and works as a behavior modification coach and NLP trainer doing both one-on-one counseling and business consulting. Daniel operates his own coaching company, Soaring Success Personal Excellence Coaching (www.SoaringSuccess.ca) and is one of the few NLP practitioners in the world specializing in Verbal Self-Defense.

The NLP based Verbal Self Defense system which Daniel teaches was originally conceived during the 2004 NLP Trainers training in Santa Cruz, CA. The basic Verbal Self-Defense model was conceived and developed by incorporating input from several different well respected NLP instructors from around the world. After returning to Victoria Daniel took the model into the field for research. Using it while working part time at a local pub he was able to refine the model until it was as efficient and effective as possible.

Through the help of the Saanich Police Department in 2006 Verbal Self-Defense was developed even further. With input from officers who deal with difficult situations daily the total technique was taken to an even higher level of applicability – and IT WORKS!

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