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  • Souls of Darkness on Jan. 02, 2013

    This is a great anthology! I love reading short stories...especially now that I have a 9 month old and finding time to read is difficult. The first story, River of Dreams by Louise Hunt, was only two pages long, but I pulled in right away and the ending is perfect! I don't want to spoil it so you'll just have to read it yourself. Community Spirits by Damon Rathe had me guessing until the end. It's a sad ghost story with some sci-fi mixed in...did the present drown the past? I really enjoyed Writer's Block by Kenneth Frank. I liked the writing style of the character (a writer); and the addition of a demon behind it all is great. All three authors are excellent writers and the variety of the stories is wonderful. I'm the person who chooses buffets over restaurants because I like to have it all. The Souls of Darkness anthology is a literary buffet, full of all my favorite genres! If you like horror, mystery, sci-fi, dark humor, ironic twists and other dark stories....I think you will love Souls of Darkness. You'll also enjoy the little sketch that accompanies each story...I certainly do!