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  • The Dragons of Jupiter on July 09, 2013

    Great plot, great characters, great world, and one heck of an awesome ending. That's pretty much how I would describe The Dragons of Jupiter if someone asked me about the novel. The story centers around two brothers Ryu and Kaneda, their personal war, as well as the ongoing interplanetary conflict that is raging around them. The author does an excellent job of introducing the characters as well as the universe they exist in. The characters are done extremely well and it is interesting as a reader to become aware that you are favoring one side of the conflict versus the other. Some of the characters follow stereotypical sci-fi archetypes but that is one of the charming things about this book. The plot ranges from huge battles to small scale one-on-one fights and it handles each equally well. I won't include any spoilers but will note that I thoroughly enjoyed the ending.