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  • Buddha Impetus to Primitive Psyche on Oct. 09, 2011

    Just as Albert Einstein radically reformulated the tenets of relativity and space-time through a conceptual insight in physics; very many centuries before him, Gautama Buddha reformulated the laws governing mental processes through his conceptual insight on Anatta. The Buddha analyzed the mind-body relationship by meticulous dissection of the thought process into its elements and set out clearly the way to control the behavioral propensities of these elements to attain liberation, as the core of his teaching. “Our behavioral propensities derive from the condition of our brains at childhood and that in turn leads us to become ardent protectors of our ideologies and primitive superstitious ideas” – says the author. This book blows away the cobwebs, whittles down the padding and straightens out the kinks in understanding the core teachings of the Buddha. A one-of-a-kind book on Buddha’s exposition, it avoids the extremes of fanciful over-simplification and convoluted analysis. Supplemented by modern knowledge on how the brain and the computer work, this book covers the core issues of ‘Buddhism’ in a clear and simple presentation. An unexpected bonus is the great deal of homework already done for the reader who then needs to do only the remainder diligently and on his own so as to achieve a correct and clear understanding of the Buddha’s message and his methods. Understanding never comes cheap! A great source of confusion in today’s world is the vast number of sermons recorded of the Buddha who tailor made them for specific audiences. An approach involving extensive study of these sermons which feature a great deal of overlap and context related implications could lead to confusion rather than clarity. The author having dwelt deeply on this problem has skillfully chosen the key sermons that are able to give a balanced and complete understanding of the core issues and taken it up from there with his own understanding and considerable background knowledge.
  • DoooD on May 05, 2017

    This is amazingly good read to get an idea of futuristic experience that we will face in our day to day life in the future. When I first started reading this book, I didn't realize it was written about AI. The small stories with the unexpected incidents kept my curiosity glued to reading, until I completed reading the book. It is an interesting book well suited for the time where we very often hear about the possibilities of good as well as scary applications of AI that is developing at rapid rate. I recommend this book to the readers who like Sci-fi; specially on the topic on artificial intelligence