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  • Pandora's Key on June 25, 2012

    Pandora's Key was entertaining. Molded around Greek Mythology and tons of thrilling action. Evangeline Theopolis lives a normal life with her mother Olivia in Portland, Oregon. Recently, her mother has been having episodes of hallucinations and headaches but its often overlooked by being fatigued. The morning of Evangeline's birthday her mother gives her the family heirloom a necklace with a onyx key; it is tradition to give the necklace to your child on their 16th birthday. The mother has never know the reason behind it due to the fact that she had always been protected by a secret sect. This group wanted the heir to the key to live a normal life and in order to do so knowing less is best. Once Evangeline puts on the necklace she starts seeing a difference in her appearance. I cringed in these areas in the book. Everyone would diss the poor child by making a point of saying how different she looked because she was becoming beautiful. Dayum! Backhanded compliment. She also learns about the line of women in her family and the important role they played which is now her responsibility. Danger lurks and they know of her abilities and now knowledgeable of all secrets she must be on alert. All these drastic changes leaves this teenager to grow up fast and find comfort and shelter where you least except it. Rate this book 3.5. Enjoyable; but wish their was more romance.