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  • Weight Loss Self Hypnosis on Jan. 28, 2012

    Losing weight is one of my biggest dreams. I have been trying to lose weight ever since I was in College. I have tried many things and have done researches just to lose weight. Until a time came that I almost accepted my fate to grow old this big. Good thing that I encountered the book Weight Loss Self Hypnosis. Truth be told, the book of Dr. Starr gave me hope. Because I have read many books on weight loss before, I can say that it is absolutely different from the rest. The book was written as if the person reading it is in an exciting journey to weight loss. This easy to understand book uses good clean script language and good quality-well designed scripts making the journey to weight loss hassle free. Aside from that, the book was well formatted encouraging the reader to read more and not get bored as it progressed. After reading the book, I have come up with some new realizations. Now, I have again that strong will to lose my weight. It is all thanks to Weight Loss Self Hypnosis.