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Allison Heather
Latest book: The Plan. Published January 14, 2018.
Chelsea Lyle
Latest book: Milk for Sir. Published June 7, 2013.
Danni Blue
Latest book: My Daddy Is A Cop. Published December 29, 2011.
Deep Pink
Latest book: Dog Pile: Three Book Bundle(weredog stories). Published September 6, 2013.
Latest book: Carrie Spreads Wide. Published September 21, 2013.
Hailey Burnett
Latest book: Hailey in the Heather - Part One. Published March 16, 2012. (4.80 from 5 reviews)
Jess Barclay
Latest book: Lesbian Librarian. Published February 18, 2019.
Lexi Lust
Latest book: The Horny Teddy Bear. Published October 4, 2017.
Meaker Publishing
Latest book: The Alien Doctor 2 (Sci-Fi Tentacle Sex). Published August 8, 2012.
Nicole Draylock
Latest book: Nicole's Lewd and Lusty Tales Vol. 9. Published February 5, 2019.
Nixie Knox
Latest book: Enslaving The LandLady. Published March 28, 2015.
Olivia Quinn
Latest book: The Virgin Warrior and the King of Beasts. Published December 13, 2013.
Porsche Cucelli
Latest book: Busty Randy: Daddy's Special Girl. Published February 29, 2016. (3.00 from 2 reviews)
Ruby Winchester
Latest book: Big Red Rides. Published September 14, 2013. (3.00 from 1 review)
Talyn Knight
Latest book: Attack of the Monster Women. Published August 6, 2014. (5.00 from 1 review)
Velvet O'Meara
Latest book: Mother Daughter Swap Society 1. Published October 14, 2015.