Darby Davenport


Darby Davenport never believed in love–that is, until it happened to her. Now she’s a firm believer that every story is a love story, and has taken to writing out her favorite romantic fantasies and sharing them with the world.

Let’s face it, love–like nature–is powerful, unpredictable, and can change your entire life in a matter of seconds. To that end, Darby combines outdoor adventure with romantic longing in her debut series, The Loving Nature Trilogy. Take it from her: falling in love is the most natural thing you will ever do–as long as you allow yourself to fall freely.

Darby, who also writes young adult and children’s fiction under the pen name Emlyn Chand, lives in suburban Detroit with her own personal soul mate–fellow writer, Falcon Storm–and private zoo, which includes a music-loving Sun Conure, hyper-active Golden Retriever, and two scrappy little rescue mutts.

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