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  • Reflection on May 30, 2012

    I loved this book. I got it in exchange of a review, and I'm really glad I did. The beginning was too slow and a bit complicated, and I admit I said to myself that if all the book was this way I would stop reading it... But I managed to get into it, and I couldn't stop! Really, I spend an afternoon loving the story of Heather, Nick and Creed, and wanting to know everything! The story is easy to read and to get hooked on! Heather, the main character, goes through her memory before her accident (and her coma) and we live with her her firsts months in college and her meeting with Nick. Oh Nick! He seems a bit strange at first, but I can understand how she fell in love with me and felt so intruiged by him! Now, I can't wait for the 2nd book in the serie, because we've been left hanging for more!!
  • Faelorehn - Book One of the Otherworld Trilogy on June 20, 2012

    Book gotten in exchange of an honest review. Thank you so much Jenna for sending me your book, I was so nice of you! But sorry my review isn’t going to be that good… Ok, this book started out good, very good in fact. I liked Megan, and wanted to know more about her, about her story, her family and what would become of her. So I continued reading with enthusiasm. Megan was adopted by an American family, after having been found as a toddler wandering in the streets of Los Angeles. Throughout her childhood, she saw things and heard voices, but now as a 17 year old, she know how not to make herself known. Yet, she always feels strange, and not like the others. Here comes Cade, who will tell her some new things about her… Cade… what did you make of Meghan? It was the story of how a strong girl becomes weak as soon as she falls in love! As soon as Cade comes into the story, Meghan turns into a ‘stupid’ girl in love every time she sees him… something that irritated me very much during my reading. I like strong character, and here she becomes quite weak…. And when the Morrigan lures her into the underworld… Seriously ? How could she be so gullible? It was almost ridiculous! I felt like screaming at her for being so stupid in her actions. I mean we can see it coming!! I also think the story has a lot of repetitions in it (her waking up in the morning, waiting for Cade, etc…). Some characters could also be a bit more introduced… There were many of them and sometimes, it feels like they were just mentioned without a point to it. So a book which started out as good at first for me, ended as a big disappointment… I will probably not be reading the rest of Meghan stories. 2 out of 5, as I still read the entire book, and loved the first half! Thank you anyway Jenna, for giving me a chance to read your book! It has potential, but it need some editing for it to be a really good book for me.