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  • The Sands Of Time (Book Two of The Witching Pen Novellas) on Sep. 27, 2012

    Once again the wondrous mind of Author Dianna Hardy has turned out a phenomenal book, in this gem “The Sands of Time” (this one so far is my favorite in the series) book #2 in The Witching Pen Novellas!!! I would personally truly love for this novella to become a full length book, actually it would be real nice that they all be combined together. *flutterz wingz n nods head* The Sands of Time picks right up where book #1 The Witching Pen left off. Amy who is a witch/shifter has been kidnapped by Elena’s grandfather, Etienne. He sends Amy to the year 1956 - Pueblo who is blood bond to Amy is searching desperately for her, but he can’t “feel” her anymore !!! Not in HIS space in time… With the help of Amy’s friends: Elena, Mary, Karl and Gwain they are doing everything to save her. I’m trying not to give to much away about the story, which is hard for me especially with this novella, because it is sooooo good. But, I will tell you this, The Sands of Time is not just about one main character, nope there are several!! I counted 6. Some may say more or less. Each person or couple in this case have their own story going on. Each story vital to the complete package that makes up this novella. So much depth. Pueblo - Shanka demon and human shifter Amy - Shifter and witch Gwain - Angel Mary - ummm, not sure yet :-/ Karl - Angel and human Elena - Witch (most powerful) and Shanka demon The Sands of Time has pretty much a taste for everyone’s ideal read, you’ll find shifters, angels, witches, demons, wicked spells, portals, time travel and of course love and betrayal. (yep, I think that just about course it all) :-D ** This book does have some sexually explicit scenes ** but to me, without them this novella just wouldn’t be the same. I highly recommend The Sands of Time as a spectacular paranormal romance read!!! The Witching Pen Novellas: The Witching Pen The Sands of Time Wilted (prequel) The Demon Bride (Can‘t wait of this one) Recommend: Adult (due to some scenes) Rating: 5/5 angel stars Angel Anne Reviews (now I must get hold of The Demon Bride!!!)
  • The Witching Pen (Book One of The Witching Pen Novellas) on Sep. 27, 2012

    What a phenomeanl book Thank you Author Dianna Hardy for this phenomenal “Gift” of The Witching Pen. I actually read “Wilted” first and wanted to get hold of the others to read as a series. Now here I am writing this review, having done the review for Wilted already. To follow is my fair and unbiased opinion of “The Witching Pen.” After a talk with her mother, Elena learns that its absolutely impossible to have a “normal” relationship wit men. The stakes are high and the losses are great if she does. (I won‘t tell you why or what because of spoilers). Elena is a thirteenth generation witch, and she is a VERY powerful witch at that. She has always kept to her true powers hidden, her mother and best friend since kids, Karl are the only ones to know her secret. I will tell you that Karl has loved Elena since they were young but Elena has always shied away from romantic interludes, and keeps him at a distance… so she won’t be tempted. The Witching Pen, although is a novella it reads as a full length book. There is so much action happening with all the characters on every page. You’ll find a storyline that effortlessly flows across the page as you quickly devour each one. Angels… Demons… and Witches, what a combination!!! AWESOME mix. Fabulous, entertaining and outstanding series - A friendship that blossoms into love, with unpredictable consequences. Elena soon discovers that her life as she knows it, and what she’s been told is a lie. That there is so much more than what everyone has told her about! Dark secrets of her family are discovered. She comes into possession of a pen, yep… The Witching Pen where she can write the future, and to have it come true.. I‘d say, be real careful Elena :-/ . With the pen, a evil demon is attached who invades, haunts and tries to seduce Elena while she sleeps.. Dreams. I’m going to stop here before I give much more away. If you read the blurb of this book you are going to be hooked just as I was!!! A must read paranormal romance jammed packed with spectacular suspense. I suggest that if you haven’t had the chance to read this series yet, then take the time and get started.. You won’t be disappointed The Witching Pen Novellas The Witching Pen The Sands of Time Wilted Recommend: YA and up Rating: 5/5 angel stars Angel Anne Reviews