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Darren Hibbs has worked in full-time ministry, the construction industry and as a writer he has published several books.

America hangs in the balance today and it is Darren's passion to see God's people, the church, rise up in prayer, fasting and repentance and reclaim it. In his new book, The Year of the Lord's Favor?, Darren shares an amazing revelation he had over 10 years ago that matters to America today.

September 9, 2001: In a dream, an angel leads Darren Hibbs around Manhattan and shows him the collapse of the World Trade Center, two days before it actually happens.

March 15, 2003: God shows Darren the building that would replace the World Trade Center. It looked exactly as it appears today. God gave Darren a message that in the day of One World Trade Center's completion, America would hang in the balance. That day is now.

Will America choose God's way and receive a blessing or will we reject God and fall deeper into sin and trouble. Find out how you can be a part of turning America back to God in The Year of the Lord's Favor?

Darren has also authored a Bible study/commentary on Revelation. The book of Revelation became a passion for Darren while reading it once a week over many years. It was a transformative process that he applied to other books of the Bible and is the basis for the 10 Week Bible method.

Living our lives with the end in mind is what Revelation does for us and it changed Darren forever. If we know where we're going and how to get there, it will change how we live now. Darren is passionate about seeing people pursue their destiny in God with zeal for the sake of our coming Messiah.

Darren writes regularly at JoelArmy.com

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