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A young casual writer and reader from ever-sunny, Central Cowifornia!

I like to ride my bicycle, hike, draw, and write. I enjoy art and books of all kinds. I play Airsoft and baseball, and I love a videogame with a good plot.

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  • Flexible Survival on Dec. 26, 2011

    Got the book as a gift for christmas, and I have to say it's worth every penny that anyone spends on it. The whole novel stays firmly in the unique tone of FS. It reads fast and easy, it flows well, and each character has its own unique voice and attitude. I never got mixed up, even with three transitions between POVs, and even in rapid dialogue. The violence and other rating-getting details were charmingly understated in a way that teased me just enough with a good taste, but stayed appropriate for casual reading. It's a wonderful treat for folks who are already familiar with the FS world, and I think it could be a valuable tool for newer folk who're trying to get into the lore. I'd recommend this to anyone who plays FS or is looking to get into it, or who wants a good furry read! TL;DR review: MARP!