Dave Bross


I'm Dave Bross

My real art has been enjoying life while still having the time and money to learn and do the things I like.
That always meant figuring out how to avoid spending large amounts of time, money or struggle to cover the basics.


Making mistakes...and lots of them...which is good!
If you're going to be dumb, you've got to be tough!
Just kidding... although...

A lifetime of work and play at making, fixing and doing things.

Learning to be very good at lots of things.
There's a resume at davebross.com (look on the sitemap) if you want the particulars.

Can you say "autodidact"? I know, showing off with big words again, go look it up anyway. It's like Broccoli...builds character and all that.
What? You're already a character? Allright then, we'll get along just fine and no need for vegetables.

Hands on experience. I get all that I can.
See dumb and tough above. Scars too!

I'm a big monkey...all curiosity and equipped with thumbs...Look out now!
I want to know HOW it works and WHY.

Much practice at problem solving, research, creativity and the ability to take a
project from idea to completion. Think Frankenstein...
Only because I had the great fortune of working for some very tough old Germans who turned me from a teenage waste gate into someone who actually could execute something with standards.

Renaissance Redneck - I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth but I never did fit that scene. I've been hands on and tinkering since I was little and always much preferred the company of those who do skilled, productive work or art.
Preferably outdoors...hence the redness of neck.


I thought I would write it all down...and that it might be a good idea to...

Be brief
Be useful
Be gone

And see if we can have some fun doing it.

As my Irish ancestors said...
"We're not here for a long time, we're here for a good time!"

So thanks for stopping by.


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