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Dave was born just east of London, England in 1949. He went to Palmer’s Grammar School, built in 1706, and decided to continue his education in the Royal Air Force (RAF). After 3 years years at RAF Cosford, he graduated with distinction in Electrical Engineering. After leaving the RAF in 1976 he emigrated to Canada with his family. He spent the next decades in small startups, and later as a serial entrepreneur and consultant.

Dave was into art from age 5, by 11 he was painting in oils, but not very prolific until he joined the RAF who supplied all the materials for free. Unfortunately many pieces have been lost or destroyed by mold. At 16 he discovered poetry and was published in his annual school magazine just before he joined the RAF; you can see his poems and his first oil painting on the 'poems and paintings' page of his website. He submitted two poems to the magazine, but one describing a trip on LSD was rejected as they thought he had taken drugs. He hadn’t, it came from his imagination, and has never taken drugs to date, not even pot.

At age 40 he was shocked to hear the salvation message after attending his local United church for 10 years. He quickly asked Jesus to be Lord of his life and changed churches. God spoke audibly to Dave two weeks later and asked him what he was going to do now that He was Lord of his life. Dave instinctively knew that God wanted him to give up his long list of ambitions, and to let Him guide the rest of his life. He surrendered his ambitions and has spent the rest of his life trying to discern and follow what God has for him to do; he says a smooth spiritual growth does not mean a smooth worldly growth, as they are often have little relation to each other. He now attends an evangelical church in Kelowna British Columbia, Canada, which welcomes street people and offers a hearty breakfast on Sunday mornings prior to the service.

The rat race tired of Dave, and unable to find employment at the age of 64 he struggled to find meaning in life until he remembered the book he tried to start a few years earlier; he easily settled into a relaxed new life as an author of Bible based books. Google Kelowna, BC, Canada and discover why Dave thinks this four seasons playground is the current day paradise of Canada.

Smashwords Interview

Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in England, just east of London. Born in 1949, just after the war, things were hard, rationing was still in place. My father worked in the docks, first as a labourer, then as a clerk. He was a clever man, and although he dropped out of school when he was 14, he knew that the way to a good job was through education. He had me doing extra work at home when I was in primary school (where there was no homework) so I would do better in exams and make it into grammar school, which I did (high school starts at 11 years old in the UK). My grammar school was built by Lord Palmer in 1706 - lots of tradition. That school had a profound affect on me. It annoyed me though, when they accepted a rather weak poem I wrote at the age of 16 for the annual school mag, but rejected what I thought was a much better one of a guy on an LSD trip. I have never taken drugs, never even smoked a joint. You can read those poems at http://daveshawauthor.com/index.php/poems-and-paintings/ .
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
I recently retired from a career in technology to write the books that have been inside me for some time. Having both artist and engineer genes in me I tend to write and read non-fiction. My passion for writing is Christian non-fiction; studies into the questions I have about Christianity. I don't avoid the hard questions, they are the ones I have. I am balancing setting up a website, publishing accounts, getting my books edited and formatted, and getting covers done. I am not spending the time I would like writing, but I'm working on a routine to ensure it gets done. I am an A type personality and have always had agendas that I could not complete in my time frames. Writing appears to be no different
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Connecting the Dots
A 25 year period of Bible study paralleled the last half of my 50 year hands-on technology career. Now I’m using my highly analytical mind to answer many of the ‘whys’ I’ve encountered while studying the Bible. I don’t take credit for the answers, as they ‘just come’, and as I have diligently prayed about them, I hope in all sincerity they are inspired. This series starting with the foundational book Man, God, Angels and demons, answers the questions I first started to have 25 years ago. The first question, I call them dots, which are connected by the answers, was why created Satan in the first place. The book answers this and many other questions linking why Mankind and angels, including Satan exist. The face of God, explores the very nature of God and attempts to define Him in as much detail as you would describe your spouse or a close family member. Creavolution will sort out the wheat from the chaff about evolution and how it relates to what the Bible has to say about creation. I fully believe all of the Bible, but can't deny that my eyes have seen dinosaur bones, and light that has traveled for 4 million years to reach me from distant stars.


Connecting the Dots: Man, God, Angels, and Demons
Series: Connecting the Dots. Price: $5.99 USD. Words: 61,310. Language: English. Published: June 30, 2015. Categories: Nonfiction » Religion and Spirituality » Christian Life / Spiritual Warfare, Nonfiction » Religion and Spirituality » Biblical Studies / Prophecy
(4.62 from 13 reviews)
(updated for easy read on Kindle) This is the foundational book in the Connecting the Dots series; it is a study to answer many questions about the role of Satan, demons, and angels in our lives. In this book Dave goes back to basics to understand Angel society and Lucifer, and why he rebelled. Dave connects the dots and reveals a plan that God had since before the angels.

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