David A. Binns


The author was born and raised in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. As a youngster he spent a great deal of time in Wharfedale, particularly the Barden and Burnsall areas, from where his family originated. Troller’s Gill has always been one of his favourite places despite the legends and somewhat disturbing atmosphere which seems to prevail there. Not surprisingly then, this little valley with its steep sloping sides and narrow limestone gorge known locally as ‘Jackdaw Nick’ quite naturally became the ideal location for his first attempt at writing a novel.
On leaving school David was employed as an apprentice electrician. The skills he was taught throughout those years have, he admits, always proved extremely useful. However, he had other plans and on completing his apprenticeship he immediately joined the then West Riding Constabulary. After a short period he transferred to Buckinghamshire Constabulary, which later became part of the present Thames Valley Police. Some years later he spent a short period with the Australian Commonwealth Police Force, Canberra but returned to the UK and completed his service with the Thames Valley Force.
Now retired, David lives with his wife Angela in High Wycombe. He spends most of his time either looking after his aviary of budgies or polishing ‘Henrietta’- his sixty year old MG!

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