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It was predestined to happen…
From that very first fateful sip, I knew it was going to be a lifetime love affair. When I was a boy, my parents would keep their leftover coffee in a container in the refrigerator. Whenever my sisters and I craved a sweet treat, we would combine the coffee with a lot of cream and a lot (!) of sugar. When I was a baby, my Dads mother- my Nana (born in Belfast, Ireland, wouldn’t enter a church without a hat and gloves- heaven forbid if a lady ever wore trousers) would give me a tablespoon of half coffee and half milk. She created in me a passion that lives to this day. Long gone, however are my days of milk and sugar. When I reach for a cup of Joe these days, I might as well be eating the beans right out of the bag- strong and black.

When my Nana wasn’t plying me with coffee, she was tempting me with chocolate. Deep in the mysterious and unknown corners of her handbag there always lurked another simple treasure…a Kit Kat bar. Four fingers of behavior controlling goodness. The ever present bar was the bane of my existence, appearing infrequently and usually at times when I had earned it. A visit to a retail store was my best bet, where I realized that by simply being quiet and always keeping my hands in my pockets I would virtually be assured a moment of triumph. I looked forward to the walk back to the bus stop, where I would be rewarded for the manner in which I had conducted myself. To this very day whenever I smell the exhaust fumes from a city bus I am transported back to those times, clutching my Kit Kat finger with one hand, and my Nana’s finger with the other.

I realize now as I get older that my life has always been coffee and chocolate. In that order. I’m not the little boy with chocolate on his face anymore, viewing the world through wondering eyes. I’ve grown into the older guy with the coffee stain on his shirt viewing the world through my computer screen. It’s all good. If you are a coffee hound like me, and feel the need to while away a lazy afternoon with a cup of Joe, please share some of your time with me by reading my contribution to the written world. If you enjoy it, share it with your fellow coffee hounds and chocoholics. Leave me a quick review here on my Smashwords page. Go ahead- embrace your addiction.

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Coffee Cherry Cocoa Pod The Coffee Addicts and Chocoholics Handbook
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 30,360. Language: English. Published: December 5, 2014. Categories: Nonfiction » General reference » Curiosities & wonders
A must have for any coffee addict or chocoholic, this enjoyable read explores two very versatile beans- Coffee from the Cherry, and Cacao from the Pod. Enjoy cool trivia while participating in a whimsical journey that encompasses the amazing time-line of both coffee and chocolate. Brew café quality coffee drinks at home. Create your own hand dipped chocolates. Go ahead-embrace your addiction.

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