David Johnston


Raised in Middle Tennessee, I have always been interested in photography. During high school I was able to enhance my delight for fine art photography through the use of a Canon 35mm film camera and developing my own photos in a dark room. My interests continued as I traveled to Australia during college. I was able to find a strong passion for being outdoors while finding beauty in nature and capturing the moment in a photograph. My degree in geography helps me understand and appreciate the formations that I enjoy visiting.

After graduating, I returned to Nashville. Since being back in Nashville I took private lessons to make my photographs have strong lighting and compositions fundamentals. I have worked extremely hard to translate my knowledge of geography and photography to the fine art world.

I have been recognized as an award winning photographer in my region and have been featured in several interviews for my work and inspiration. I am known as an up-and-coming photographer with a very unique style and method.

When I am not working on photography I enjoy spending time with my wife, watching sports, reading, studying scripture, and spending time with family and friends.

Artist Statement:

It is my goal to produce exceptional fine art that is both artistically inspirational and compositionally superb. When I go into the field to work after studying the location tirelessly, I have an image in mind of how I want the final product to look. To reproduce the image I have imagined, I use an assortment of lenses, tools, and effects so that the piece of art you see matches the one I first created mentally.

When I am creating a piece of work I turn through mental lessons and experiences to get a Scriptural inspiration for the scene that is unfolding in front of me. I do this because I want the artwork to represent the passion and inspiration that I pour into it. Each piece of art is independently inspired, and once I complete my work I title it by the very verse or collection of verses that came to my mind during the creation process. Each day is unique and I try to reflect God’s creativity in my work.

As far as composition is concerned, I create a sense of invitation to my photographs. Leading lines, rhythm, repetition, contrast, and balance all go into consideration when I am planning on visiting a location and while I am in the field creating my vision. I intentionally go through composition principals so that each piece of artwork will be as aesthetically parallel to the inspiration and hard work that goes into it.

If I believe my work has achieved what I set out to do I will add it to my collection, but only if it is of the highest quality possible. I create images that are not commonly seen so that they can be individually cherished and inspirational forms of artwork.


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