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  • Dawn of the Knight: Lance Rock's Spiritual Journey Book 1. on June 12, 2013

    Everyone has to start somewhere. It's difficult to reach a standard of writing that gives the reader an easy read, but an intriguing one. That keeps their attention, but also doesn't rattle their brain to the point of exhaustion. That delivers characters you love, characters you hate, that keep you glued to the story. "Dawn of the Knight" does not do that. I gave this every possible chance, focusing on characters, plot and story development and it doesn't reach the right standard. I hate Lance Rock as a character, and every character involved in his story, simply because they are not likeable. I felt the interactions between characters were forced, and lacking natural development. Being fluent in Mandarin Chinese, it's difficult to be excited about Rock's language abilities due to the impossibility of being an expert of all that he is. Therefore lacking credibility, I do not give this book a high review.