David K Roberts


Born in Papua New Guinea to Australian parents, I have travelled extensively and lived in such countries as Singapore, Nigeria and Kuwait.

I graduated from UCNW Bangor with a BSc Joint Honours Marine Biology and Zoology in 1985 and have spent the last twenty eight years working in the Information Technology industry. I currently run my own management consultancy.

A qualified pilot, I am also a keen photographer.

I have been fascinated over the years with the way the public has been educated on new discoveries, inventions and 'truths'. Joe Jackson's song 'Cancer' sums up my healthy cynicism, something I developed at an early age! The fact that the 'next big thing' is usually debunked some time later makes me wonder how we ever know what is right and what is wrong. Can we ever know the truth as lay-people? At least we have our common sense to guide us.

I use this uncertain environment to stretch boundaries in my work, including my writing. I intend to give the reader pause for thought as to whether what I write is possible, now or in the future. It is not science fiction but as a thriller I hope you enjoy the story telling and delivery of possibilities.

My life has changed significantly since I began writing back in 2012. It’s become more time consuming while at the same time far more enjoyable. So what is fun for me? Science fiction and horror. Zombies - you have to love ’em! Zombies are everywhere nowadays, if not in a physical form (probably for the best) then in most people’s minds, including our respective governments.

What is it about Zombies that is fun? Escapism (in more than one sense) for sure. Leading professors and economists say that apocalyptic desires come to the fore of people’s thinking when the chips are down, economies stink and, most often, when people spout bullcrap like that! I think people see the Apocalypse as a personal steam vent; watching wholesale slaughter is cathartic, especially when they know that every dead person they see can stand up again at the end of the film and have a few beers. We have loved apocalyptic genre since pen was put to paper. What about ‘War of The Worlds’ by HG Wells? He didn’t write that in a depression or recession and yet people loved it. And then there’s ‘The Day Of The Triffids’ by John Wyndham. The list is pretty extensive of pre-analysis apocalypse and apocalypsis. As a species we just love threat to our lives as long as it doesn’t really happen.

What about Science Fiction then? With the quickly advancing technologies we see all around us, it has been a real challenge for me to write in this genre. Every time I come up with a new technology I discover Google or someone else has just come out with something similar. It makes it hard not to end up writing science fact. I have written two novels I would classify science thrillers. Using real science and taking it to the next level, I have then added a thriller element to create what I believe are believable stories that will keep you riveted until the end - and then wanting more. I will be writing a sequel to The Animus Portal as soon as time permits; I think the story deserves a follow up for which I have some very different ideas. I hope you will like them!

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