David Landrum


David W. Landrum was born in the hot, muggy south lands of the United States but grew up and still lives in the cold, stark north. He earned a BA in literature at a small college in Indiana and then an MA and Ph.D at Purdue University and has taught in various colleges in Michigan for many years. Midway through a career publishing scholarly articles and poety, he began to write speculative fiction. After the initial success of his story, “The Snow Demon,” he has published 140 stories and two novellas (The Gallery and Strange Brew). His publications have appeared in journals and anthologies in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, Israel, and Asia.
Being a teacher of literature, he can list dozens of influences, but for speculative fiction he cites Edgar Alan Poe, Stephen King, Elizabeth Moon, Neil Gaiman and Graham Joyce as important influences.
Current writing plans include finishing the Sorceress of the Northern Seas trilogy and a novel, Sinfonia, about a female vampire and musician who, in her deathless existence, befriends William Shakespeare, Lady Jane Grey, John Donne, Andrew Marvell, Mary Herbert, and a host of others—and as always, stories, poems, and academic criticism.

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