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There are moments in one’s life one never forgets. Only fourteen when I read Ray Bradbury’s ‘Martian Chronicles’ I knew I was destined to be a writer. That weekend I hammered out the first chapter of ‘Strongpoint 208’ on my small Royal typewriter. Like most of my earlier writings, it was lost when I joined the Marines after high school.

Perhaps because I took an instant liking to science fiction, it is what I write most, but I am proud of my horror stories, kick-butt tales and a spattering of poetry. I’ve written lots of social commentary, business manuals, even did a political campaign once.

Mornings are best for me. It’s when my muse is fired and fresh, my mind sharp and uncluttered. All my best stories come to me in dreams rich with sound, smells and color: often exhilarating, sometimes disturbing, but almost always a place I’d rather be because I’ve been able to control my dreams since I was a young man. Anything can set me before a keyboard – news, day dreams, conversation, a poorly plotted film.

I’m especially proud of the first novel I wrote as an adult, called ‘The Right-ous Shall Inherit the Earth’, in which a family man and business owner becomes a high-profile assassin for ‘The Program’, an international group that takes over the world by murdering major criminals, be they drug kingpins, politicians or civic leaders. Because it was my first major work, it still needs....work, so as time permits...

My current project is a story about a boy who discovers a 1950 Buick containing four corpses after a storm washes away part of the riverbank at the town park. With all that is going on in my life lately, and with my first novel in print, it is difficult to set aside writing time, but I manage, as any determined writer would.

Between my writing, maintaining and restoring this 1948 bungalow and allowing time for family needs, I do make time to read one or two novels a month (Dean Koontz and Isaac Asimov of late), read daily from several national newspapers online and research items of interest. I critique a story a week with Critters.Org as well. It is amazing the unending variety of plots writers can come up with. My most recent entertaining read was Tim Allen’s, ‘I’m Not Really Here’. Galaxy Quest’ is one of my favorite schlocky sci-fi films.

Weather permitting, Kathi and I drop the top on her Mustang and pick a back road just to see where it takes us.

Raised in the northern suburbs of Minneapolis, I left at 17 to see the world. As a Marine avionics tech I was stationed in California, Tennessee, Vietnam and Virginia. Kathi and I returned briefly to Minnesota before spending the next 26 years in South Florida where we built a business and were both active in the community. In 1998, we sold out and moved to southwest Missouri to spend time with my parents and siblings. After all these years, I’m still struggling to overcome the culture shock.

With a view of Bull Shoals lake and living in a home formerly owned by another author who penned three novels on agriculture here, I'm right smack in the middle of this great country. The former owner, Roy Donahue is a legend around these parts. I hope to follow in his footsteps, building on this old bungalo's historical footing and maybe pass it on to another writer someday. In the meantime, I'll do my best to restore the original character of this aging abode.

I know that a novel is as much about the author as the story he tells, and all I've given you is a suggestion of my past. I've got lots more stories to tell, adventures to share, some more inflated than others, and many more books to write.

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