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Hi, I'm David Soren Leonine.

I started researching and practising vitality about 15 years ago, due to not having nearly enough energy to get what I *really wanted* out of life. Having tried everything from meditation, supplements, hypnosis even drugs; I realised that there's nothing out there which can give you a real boost to your vitality, to the levels where you really feel you can achieve anything.

From years of trying those different methods and not gaining even 1% of the vitality I wanted, I eventually made a massive breakthrough.

I met a *prominent* man in the business world who has the most intense, charismatic presence you can imagine. You wouldn't think he teaches these techniques. Infact he doesn't, but I managed to pay him my life savings at the time to learn the secrets of his vitality.

I didn't expect to learn what he taught me. I can't put into words how amazed I was with these techniques. I won't go into detail, but let's just say I firmly believe these techniques to be the most powerful the world has ever seen.

Unlike him, I am technically not sworn to secrecy and I have already taught these techniques to my closest friends, who have experienced the most *dramatic* shifts in their lives.

I have a very busy life now. And to be honest, it's fantastic. I am achieving with ease things which before I wouldn't even dreamed possible... and it's all down to being able to quickly create a huge amount of the real, tangible vitality I never used to have.

Even though I only need to sleep 4 hours a night, I still don't have enough time during the day to write books, as my profession is not writing and I have a very busy social life.

But nonetheless I felt this one was important, so I wrote a small book revealing the most powerful techniques known to man for increasing your vital energy.

I paid my lifesavings to learn those techniques, but I don't think everyone should have to. And that's why I wrote the book.

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Vitality: The Worlds Most Powerful Techniques to Increase Your Energy
Price: $3.33 USD. Words: 4,090. Language: English. Published: June 15, 2010. Categories: Nonfiction » Self-improvement » Motivation and inspiration
Do you want more energy, charisma and power? Is there anything you want to achieve but you lack the energy to make it happen? With 15 years experience, I have found the most elusive and powerful methods to increase your vitality known to man. I spent my lifesavings learning this but you don't have to. All killer with no filler, this condensed short book shows you how.

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