David Tillman


My life long interest has been in property and finance.

After leaving high school I worked in the banking industry for 10 years before moving into manufacturing.

The reason for choosing manufacturing was that it paid considerably more than I was earning in the bank which allowed me to achieve 3 goals:

1/ Purchase a home and repay the mortgage in full, in 5 years
2/ Purchase a portfolio of commercial investment properties
3/ Own a Glider (Sailplane)

After 13 years in manufacturing I started a mortgage brokering business which quickly grew to be one of the largest in New Zealand.

In July 2011, I sold my business and concentrated on writing a book called "Hammer That Mortgage". The book draws on my experiences in banking, mortgage brokering, investing and most importantly shows how I repaid a 25 year mortgage in full in just 5 years.

There are some excellent tips and tricks which I'm sure you will enjoy.

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