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Robin Moulyn is a Canadian artist who was raised in the funky town of Nelson B.C., Canada. Her parents owned an art store in this town. This little town boasted of having a terrific Art University. Being impressionable, defenceless and vulnerable (anyone who knows her, knows that is a bit of an exaggeration),she had no choice but to develop a love for art and its’ unlimited forms. Her left-handed father nurtured and taught his left-handed daughter about the intricacies of art, sciences and nature. She asked many questions whose answers inspired more questions culminating in the wonder that is the energy of life. This history explains her insatiable desire to explore and learn as many art mediums and views of nature as possible. It also created a connection for her of art and science.

After graduating and becoming a licensed massage therapist in Vancouver B.C., Canada (again learning more about human sciences and the connecting energy) and the later in the funky town of Enderby B.C., she now had time to pursue her love of art. She and her partner had 2 children, settled down. However they found out that settled down with a family means being in the flow of constant change, and so do priorities and what is important also changes.

Her partner and herself raised and home schooled their 2 children. She found that having learning differences like: ADD, dyslexia and others, then passing them on to her children, were actually gifts in the finest sense. She realized her family and herself, including her spouse, looked at everything with a different perspective than many other people.

The questions and answers quadrupled not only because of the requirements of schooling for the children but the entire family’s natural inquisitive expanding “learning different” minds. Instead of being disheartened by their “lot” in life, they supported each other by embracing, accepting and ultimately enjoying their differences. This acceptance of herself, with the support of family, encouraged her to obsessively develop new art ideas adding even more research of images and information from: magazines, books, internet, taking photos and notes of the outdoors, talking with available “experts” and interaction with her own family’s thoughts. Armed with this knowledge, she uses it to convey her ever expanding perspective. She found, learned or created endless techniques and tools to create these visions and continues to do so.

She now lives in Ecuador, South America at the base of an “energetic” volcano, Tungurahua. (A whole other chapter in her story). Here she has learned from the people to use interestingly abstract elements and different energetic influences to further her art.
For her, art is: life, emotion, communication of yourself to everything else. She has so much yet to learn on this journey. She is growing in her understanding of: arts, sciences, energy and the connection of humans with the earth, as well as understanding art concepts like light and colour etc. Her journey continues to expand and so does the expansion of everything.

Embrace your differences and fear not to express yourself lovingly.

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Unforgettable Faces
It is a project of creating portrait art of people she has met living in Ecuador. This is an ongoing project of meeting Unforgettable Faces. She uses a variety of different mediums to create these paintings. Each medium is chosen to add different feels and atmosphere to the painting. (Winsor and Newton watercolor markers, collage, Dr Ph Martin, signo gel pen, Rotring black ink, Faber Castell polychromos pencils. etc) This is the project so far.


Homemade Art Supplies, A Survival Guide For Artists
Price: $24.99 USD. Words: 36,590. Language: English. Published: July 13, 2018. Categories: Nonfiction » Art, Architecture, Photography » Art - how to
Some of the topics in this book are recipes on how to make Gesso, acrylic molding paste, spray inks etc.  How to make wood canvas boards, substrates or painting surfaces using recycled materials.  How to adapt and use various paints and such in different ways to make your art supply dollar stretch.  How to make cool watercolor pallets using fun things you might never thought to use.  This book inc

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