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  • First Light - An Unauthorized Sequel to the Twilight Saga on Oct. 20, 2011

    Totally and completely recommend this book to all Twilight fans. Very well written, although I wasn’t fond of the ending I still respect the way it was done. The author did an excellent job
  • The Gold Mine on July 04, 2014

    As a new author I believe MaXXX is a true up and commer (no pun intended). HOT read with just enough romance to keep a gal interested and I love a man that can feel a woman's heart, MaXXX not only feels her but tunes in to her and is man enough to react to her. I only found 1 typo so you readers overly interested in typing and grammar will the thrilled with this author, since most books are repetitive in the descriptions MaXXX was a refreshing change. This story is so detailed I'm sure it's one of the 70% true. MaXXX is a new favorite and I can't wait to continue reading him. I want to mention the "about" this author has penned for himself as well...MaXXX, I'm not sure I want to know a 'modern day Don Juan' but I love all the mystery behind you.
  • Liberty Belle on July 07, 2014

    HOT HOT HOT...lets begin there shall we? It was a hot read. All the players lined up for a little 3 way action but the drama that would unfold and not just with each of the girls. Lets begin with Belle...I loved her. She is so sweet that there is no way a person would meet her and not want to be with her. Lexi on the other hand is stong and a bit hardened but you still like her. The relationship between the girls is solid...well until Belle meets Max. This author doesn't tell you that there is something quite unique about Belle (and to be honest, I am not sure another author has ever tried what he has) and the way the story is told is nothing but amazing. There are 2 scenes in the book that rocked me and I am a pretty hardened soul. One was with Belle toward the end, while the author stated "she was pissed" it wasn't the anger I felt but the pain...that one small act of confession "you really, really screwed up Max". Lexi had her moment in the beginning of the book in the hot tub ~ hey I won't give it away ~ I physically walked away from my iPad for a few hours after reading the hot tub scene. I am not sure why it effected me nor have I tried to analyze it too much but I am an avid reader, with well over 4000 books between my e-readers and there are few authors that can suck me into the story to make my heart hurt. Now as for Max...you got off easy you SOB ~ anything for the job doesn't mean everything, and yes I will be downloading the next book just to see where this story goes ~ hey, I can be angry and still want to read the book. As for the author, grab a dictionary ladies and gentleman, this guy has a way with words. As I said in my other review of his book The Gold Mine, he is in no way repetative (kiss here, touch there, slot A to slot B are not found in his books) and the "one liners" are far too funny ~ yes, laugh out loud "no he did not just say that" funny.
  • Girl Next Door on July 08, 2014

    This was a quick read but by no means was it less intense then if it had been a full novel. THIS AUTHOR ROCKS the dictionary with his verbal assault on the "carnal act". I was able to download and read this while sitting pool side today and if the sun wasn't hot enough Dane made it hotter (pool water wasn't cold enough to cool me down). This true hero was so sweet and so caring that I fell in love with him in the first few pages. He treats Nikki so tenderly while she is recuperating that I can see her falling for the man. Nikki is such a likable girl that her profession is surprising, but so are other aspects of her, as Dame will find out. I loved Nikki's decision to TAKE what she wanted and the authors description was amazing. Dane's one screw up that hurt Nikki is something a lot of men do and don't think about, so I won't fault him too much considering he wanted to "write. Her payback was amazing and I loved Dane's reaction...nope not gonna give that away. MORE MAXXX...please...more.
  • Scarred - An American Warrior's Tale on Sep. 18, 2014

    I am always a bit sad when there is no happy ever after (well my idea of happy ever after anyway), but I think this author did a great job ending this story for both Max and Josie and left a bit of mystery for the reader to write their own ending. How can a true reader not love that? I loved the connection between these two people and by the last chapter was asking for more. Max’s humor is everywhere in this book but he never lets a reader forget why they are reading about a military hero that has been injured. Would love to see him expand this story for 2 of the characters…I’ll let you guess who I want a story about. Max, I can’t go without thanking you for donating half your proceeds to the Wounded Warrior Foundation. Thank you for your service