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Writing is my catharsis, my way to bridle my emotions. I am an intense person and being an artist, I see life through a different set of lenses, and many can not comprehend my view on life.

Kena means (Hawaiian Princess) in Hawaiian, and I call myself the Sun Goddess because I feel my intensity and warmth can best be described as a reflection of the sun, and I feel every woman who cherishes her beauty is a Goddess. Much of my poetry speaks of this God-given potential we all have.

Small background: I have been writing since I was eight years old. I won contests growing up, and writing 20-100 page stories as a child was a normal hobby for me to escape life, and a tough childhood. I also had a strong hobby for drawing, and my love for writing poetry began at about age 19 when I first started to feel love. I started writing songs around age 23. This passion for writing, songwriting, and poetry was nourishment that satisfied me. I had this hunger, where I had to write or else I would grow chaotic inside. Which anyone will tell you, only one with a true talent can feel. It's when you are down on the ground emotionally deplete, or spiritually high, or intoxicated by love's splendor when the best poetry flows out of your being.

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