Angello Wellson-Noble


Angello Wellson-Noble is an underground researcher and rogue Intelligent Design scientist. His theories are so controversial, nay, dangerous that he has been forced to keep his findings secret for the past thirty years. In this volume he has made the culmination of that research available for the first time outside of secret meetings, cryptically worded PostIt™; notes, and backroom Scrabble™ games.

Mr. Wellson-Noble enjoys the outdoor sports of survivalism, hunting, and [redacted]. He enjoys the indoor sports of pipe collecting, Scrabble™, and uncovering the secrets of worldwide conspiracies.

For reasons of planetary security, it is not possible to contact Mr. Wellson-Noble. If you are ready to join the fight, he will find you.


Mr. Wellson-Noble is currently working on new, sensitive information that will be made available very soon. He reminds you to Do Your Homework and *always* Watch UR Back!

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