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I write, I grow things, I camp and hike, I pacify cats, and I do a lot of research online and off. If our assorted alphabet-soup national security agencies really do monitor citizens based on keyword searches, then I'm probably on all of the criminal watch lists in existence.

Otherwise, I am mostly quiet with a thirty-percent chance of loud, and the rest is subject to change without warning. Professional development has included classroom teaching, animal training, aquaculture, horticulture, retail management, inventory operations, and customer service. Personal development is ongoing.

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  • The Emperor's Finest (The Emperor's Finest #1) on Feb. 28, 2014

    Let me start with the good stuff: I enjoyed this book. It jumps right into a space opera plot plot based on an almost-British Empire-type navy Space Marine elements. The atmosphere of honor and bureaucracy was beautifully evoked from the first page. The characters are memorable and vividly described, they have full lives and real problems, and the action and battle descriptions are compelling. That would be 4 stars. Except. I stopped noting spelling and punctuation errors within the first chapter, the paragraph structure was often odd, with dialogue sometimes buried and sometimes not, and there were tons of awkward "saidisms." Things like, < “Way to go, Noble.” She snapped.> and really jarred me out of the reading flow. There are also distracting format issues. I downloaded epub & mobi, and both opened with an odd mix of single- and double-spacing that couldn't remedied in iBooks, SonyReader or Kindle. Formatting, punctuation errors and basic structural muddiness subtract stars from a recommendation. This would be a 2 rating, but it's free, and it's worth reading if you can tune out a lot to enjoy a good story.
  • Tales by Erin on Aug. 09, 2014

    I liked this collection (a lot) and I recommend it, but don't expect diamonds. What's inside the tin? A lovely variety of stories. First-person and third, characters young and old, placed in venues from Afghanistan to academia. Each tale is offered with a unique perspective and a refreshing clarity of voice. Every tale feels real and personal, despite the range of experiences and cultures presented. Some stories have twists, some don't, some meander along, some cut straight to the point, and all of them leave a vivid impression. Why not five stars? The depth and breadth of the collection is ambitious, but the results sometimes fall short in execution. A short story about rape told from first-person that breezily glosses over the act itself? IT seemed...off, somehow. An entertaining slice-of-life story about a military mission got bogged down in jargon and repetition a few hundred words before it was done, although the wrap-up was excellent. Secondary characters tended towards sketchiness, and several stories contained vocabulary that that shook me out of immersion in the narrative flow; for example, the US has only lawyers, not solicitors. That story was explicitly set in the US, so...it jarred. All that said, I would bump things up another half-star if the assorted odd italicizations, minimal grammar errors and the pesky vocabulary quirks got a polishing edit.