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My first hope for the things that I write and the stories I tell is that they are, before anything else, different in subject matter and content than what people are used to. I find myself almost incapable of writing about, or describing, a setting or situation twice, and the premium I put on my originality is a source of pride for me. How successful I actually am at breaking away from conventionality is up to the reader to decide, of course. My second hope for my work, no less important than the first, is that it invokes emotion of the sort that, ultimately, helps my readers have a better day. My approach to this end likely seems an odd one, as much of what my mind turns out is of a decidedly darker nature, at a glance. I like to think that this is because there is no rainbow without the rain, and so I'm right at home standing in it. My intent is to help other people stand in it as well, unafraid of the discomfort it can cause and with the knowledge that the rainbow will only seem brighter when it passes.

Writing was the first thing I ever felt that I was good at, and the first thing that I remember ever WANTING to be good at. Ever since I was a pre-schooler, writing "books" on construction paper about my family's household pets (complete with laughably innocent dialogue), I've been striving to find the formula that lets me expressively tell a story that gets people to feel something. With each story I write, I get better at it, which is to be expected, I suppose.

I'm also a believer that, as an art, writing is largely too subjective a medium to classify as "good" or "bad." There are exceptions, of course, but for the most part I think it simply is what it is, each story with its own relevance to its own frame of reference, and that's just one of the things that makes this art beautiful.

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