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  • Mankind's Worst Fear on June 02, 2009

    Mankind’s Worst Fear—a SciFi gem. Quirky and pacifist scientific underwater exploration team meets by-the-book, military unit from Mars—three hundred years in Earth’s future. These unlikely groups form an uneasy alliance, at the end of time, in a desperate search for a means to reverse the mistakes of the past. With mankind’s insatiable lust for knowledge and off-world expansionism, it was bound to happen. We dug too deep beneath Mars’ mysterious red crust. Our curiosity and greed sets off an ancient burglar alarm, alerting the alien race that left it there, and triggers the near extermination of our planet. For, like humans, the aliens will not allow another race to gain enough knowledge and technology to threaten their dominance. Mankind’s Worst Fear is a joyride through future tech, and good, old-fashioned, human determination. The story tracks two separate but converging plot lines: the science teams’ danger-filled journey inland through hostile tribes of humans; and the Mars teams’ action-packed, space hijacking of an alien vessel on its way to finish off the last human life on Earth. Mankind’s Worst Fear celebrates man’s strengths, while acknowledging the weaknesses that make us human. The tension of the twin plotlines holds the reader prisoner to turning the pages, even long after bedtime. And, when the two factions finally meet, an inferno of action chains you to the story until the very last word. Remember to breathe.